It’s Best When the Contractor Supplies The Materials

contractor supplies materialAt times, clients may insist on supplying their own materials in an effort to save money. Of course, contractors can decide for themselves whether this is acceptable. We recommend that the contractor supplies the materials. This is most beneficial for both the contractor and the client.

Contractors Have the Expertise

Of course, homeowners should definitely have input for materials, such as light fixtures, paint, or faucets. If homeowners insist on buying these supplies themselves from their local Home Depot, then let them do so. Perhaps you can accompany them to the hardware store and help them pick out the materials to ensure they pick the right size and compatible items. The client, for example, may buy a three-hole faucet when their sink is designed for a single or double-hole fixture.

The Warranty Factor

Contractors, though, should insist on supplying building and foundational materials, such as plywood. You should also warn homeowners that if they buy their own materials, then the contractor’s warranty for those materials and workmanship will be voided. That means they will have to pay for additional costs associated with defects of those parts or their installation.

Contractors Acquire Materials at Similar Prices

Remember, a homeowner’s main goal for buying their own material is saving money. However, contractors often have access to wholesalers, which are the same suppliers that sell to hardware stores. Remind homeowners that in most instances, you can acquire items at an equal or lower cost through a wholesaler like Remodeler’s Exhibit. Our inventory is also open to homeowners who are confident about buying their own materials.

We Supply Materials in Bulk

Buy materials for all interior and exterior projects at wholesale prices. Buy in bulk or just buy what you need for an immediate project. When the contractor supplies the materials, they save money, thereby helping the homeowner save money.

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