Contractors: Own A Trailer or Rent A Dumpster?

rent a dumpsterContractors working on a project will have to dispose of a lot of junk and debris from the job site. You have two choices here: buy a dump trailer or rent a dumpster. We’ll go over the pros and cons of each.

Dump Trailer and Dumpster Rental Comparison

Dump Trailer

A dump trailer is an investment. The benefit of owning one is that it is at your disposal 24/7. Also, a dumpster rental service may not always have the right size dumpster available when a project comes up.

On the flip side, all maintenance and storage is your responsibility. If you’re a freelance contractor without a business facility, then buying a dump trailer may not be an option, unless you have space on your residential property.

Owning a dumpster also means you are responsible for disposing of the contents at a landfill. That’s additional work for you or your crew.

Dump Rental

You actually have two options when renting: a dump rental or junk removal. If you rent a dumpster, you are responsible for filling the container yourself and then emptying the dumpster at a landfill. A junk removal service does all the work for you—from clearing the debris to disposing of it.

Hiring a junk removal service obviously saves you a lot of work, though it also means having a huge additional overhead. You may, however, choose to factor the cost into your client’s fee.

We Service Contractors and Homeowners

You’re going to need a dumpster one way or another if you land any interior or exterior project. We can pair contractors with the right project depending on their debris loading capability. While Remodeler’s Exhibit doesn’t sell dump trailers or rent out dumpsters, we know they’re a vital element in a contractor’s job.

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