Sustainable Engineered Building Products

sustainable engineered building productsSustainable products are becoming more available as more homeowners seek to achieve green living. However, are “natural” building materials the only ones good for the environment? We believe that some sustainable engineered building products are just as eco-friendly.

What Makes Building Supplies Green?

Natural green supplies are materials that improve energy efficiency and save money. They are also typically renewable and biodegradable. In some instances, they come from local suppliers to reduce transportation cost.

However, many engineered (man-made) supplies fit at least some of these qualifications. This includes processed and treated products common in many interior and exterior remodeling projects.

How Are Engineered Products Green?

Just because a product is not natural does not make it less environmentally friendly. Many sustainable engineered building products actually promote the preservation of natural resources.

Take engineered wood siding, for example. This is made from compressed wood strands coated with resin. The coating makes it resistant to rot, termites, and mold. This increases longevity, thereby preserving resources by prolonging replacement. In addition, engineered siding provides a nice alternative to vinyl and wood siding. Vinyl does not have the natural beauty, while natural wood is maintenance-heavy.

The same goes for interior materials like laminated hardwood flooring. This is made from plywood with a top layer of veneer. The veneer varies in thickness and provides a surface capable of withstanding years of heavy foot traffic.

For the kitchen, choices include engineered quartz countertops. This is just as aesthetically pleasing as natural granite, yet is non-porous and resistant to bacteria and warping from heat.

Many engineered materials require less replacement, treatment, and maintenance, all of which require money and additional resources.

We Provide Wholesale Supplies

Remodeler’s Exhibit supplies home renovation items at wholesale prices for both contractors and homeowners. This includes natural and man-made products. With modern technology, we believe many sustainable engineered building products promote eco-conservation, even if indirectly.

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