Remodeling Contractor Blogging Topics

contractor blogging topicsBlogs are good for two reasons: They help with the search engine rankings (provided posts are SEO-optimized), and they connect you with potential clients. Don’t know what to blog about? Here are some blogging topics for remodeling contractors. Keep in mind with each topic comes sub-topics, for which you can create multiple posts in a single niche area.

Contractor Blogging Topics That Build Credibility

1. Answer a Frequently Asked Question

As a contractor, you are probably hounded with questions on home improvement and design. Some questions come up more than others. Answer some of these questions in depth (one per blog), and upload photos if visuals would be helpful.

2. Compare Products

Do you recommend Behr or Valspar paint? People will ask a lot of questions like this. Provide your professional input and point out the pros and cons of each. However, don’t lean too far in one way, as this will sound like you’re promoting the product.

3. Industry News

Discuss events that only industry insiders may be to privy to. An example may be an announcement of an upcoming local tradeshow where home improvement companies will showcase their products.

4. DIY Hacks

Many contractors are reluctant to discuss DIY hacks. They can lose business from a homeowner who may attempt a renovation or installation themselves. However, you can share DIY hacks for small fixes, such as how to secure a detached crown molding, or how to prevent water from seeping into the exterior siding.

We’ll Help Establish Your Local Presence

Blogging is one way to brand your contracting business. Another way is to contact Remodeler’s Exhibit. We partner with independent contractors in the Kent area and connect them with compatible projects. We believe, however, that blogging for remodeling contractors is still a must for expanding your professional network.

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