3 Winning Kitchen Trends for 2017 and Beyond

Kitchen Trends for 2017When you decide to remodel your kitchen, you will want to choose features that will suit your taste now and in years to come. You want make the space look attractive for its time. And, you want to avoid choosing items that will make it appear too “dated” in years to come. Here are some kitchen trends for 2017 that will look great far into the future.

Kitchen Trends for 2017 that Won’t Become Dated

1. Crisp White Cabinets

White simply looks clean and fresh in a kitchen, and choosing white for cabinets is always in fashion. This color for cabinets is available in a number of styles, so you are not limited to a particular look. Consider pairing your white cabinets with a white backsplash to avoid breaking up the line of sight. This makes the space appear larger.

If you have concerns about making your kitchen appear too “antiseptic” with white cabinets, consider using a warm color on the walls or adding a splash of color on your countertops. You can always add color on the walls with decorative pieces, too.

2. Touch-activated Faucet

This item may have seemed strange when it first came onto the market. However, a touch-activated faucet gives you the freedom to turn on water in your kitchen sink quickly and easily. It’s an excellent option when you are cooking or baking and don’t want to grab the handle with messy hands.

3. Drawers with Deep Pockets

Install pull-out drawers for storage in your kitchen cabinets. They make getting to your pots, pans and other items much easier. It’s not uncommon for drawers to measure 24-inches deep to provide plenty of storage in new designs.

You may also want to consider installing organizers in your regular drawers, so that everything stays in place. Available options include:

  • Slots for knives and plates
  • Trays for utensils and flatware
  • Dividers for bottled items
  • Removable boxes so that you can customize your drawer space

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